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    Facebook's Social Arcade

    Rick Vanner and Dave Milton visited Facebook headquarters in December, for the results of the fbFund competition. Having been awarded $25,000 USD in the previous round, it is unfortunate to report that Social Arcade didn't scoop the ultimate prize of $250,000 USD. The Game Creators appreciate the support given by the community, and the time and effort put in to continuously voting throughout November. "We were disappointed not to win but we gave it our best shot" says Rick Vanner, Financial Director of TGC. "Social Arcade will continue to be developed in 2009 after a short break."
    [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
    The Game Creator Store - New Additions

    Did you know that The Game Creator Store includes not just FPSC Entities and segments, but also music, sky boxes, applicatons, models and photos? Each month the Game Creator Store grows as our approved artists upload their latest offerings. Start up your store (through FPS Creator or the standalone version) to see these and many more.


    A small but very venomous scorpion that will attack the player if they get too close. Any player of modern FPS games will know that small, agile creatures are a problem in most games these days!

    Wall Clock

    Break up empty wall spaces with a wall clock. It is often easy to miss details - or lack thereof - such as expanses of wall, that can be easily transformed with a small number of well-placed objects.


    This nocturnal menace can enrich your scenes with unexpected surprises.
    The bat is a character, and can be killed like any other, with a well-aimed shot.

    Civ Gunner

    A 'Civilian Soldier' themed character, good for urban style shooters or as mercenaries etc. This is the fourth of a character set.
    Best or suggested weapon designation includes heavy weapon, assault rifle, and rocket launcher

    870P1 Riot Gun

    Typical riot shotgun of the 1980s-1990s with top folding metal stock. Includes VWEAP and pickup weapon and ammo entities.
    Uses model pack 9-10 compatible hands. Enhancements are also included for FPSC modifications, available from the respective authors.

    All of the above models are available to purchase and download through the inbuilt Game Creator Store in FPS Creator, and also using the standalone store for other game-making tools.[ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]
    The BIG FPSC Christmas Competition

    The deadline for entries into the Big FPSC Christmas Puzzle competition is now gone. The judges will be busily "working" through the many games, assessing just how well they have met the remit of a 5-room puzzle game. They will shortly decide on the ultimate winner, and of course the runners-up who will also be taking their share of the spoils from the prize pot. Here is a reminder of everything that is on offer to the winners:

    • Printed & bound copy of the Community Guide by Nickydude.
    • Atmospheric Sounds Pack By Nickydude.
    • Unreleased sound pack of Voices (including Child, Demon & Robot) by Nickydude
    • Chainsaw Brute by Bond.
    • Over 4000 Store Points by TGC (yes, that's over four thousand!)
    • An exclusive texture pack by Henry Ham.
    • Sci Fi segment pack by Henry Ham.
    • Model Pack 8 [Dark Egypt] + Bonus by Rosstradamus
    • Model Pack 17 by Bond
    • Model pack 18 by Bond
    • A $20 store voucher courtesy of Black Draco Games
    • Rolfy's Weather System
    • Any 3 of Errant A.I's store models
    • A pre-paid 60 day time card for City of Heroes [Requires City of Heroes to play].
    • Inspire! Model Pack 1

    These prizes will be distributed amongst the winners. You can view the competition thread for

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